Saturday, April 28, 2012

V is for Victory

April 27, 2012
Every year, our Boy Scout Troop performs the flag ceremony at our local Relay for Life event.  After the pledge and the National Anthem, the Scouts lead the "Victory" lap for the cancer survivors and their caregivers.

On this first lap, the survivors head out in one direction following our Scouts and the caregivers head out in the opposite direction until they meet in the middle.  All of the attendees gather around the track and cheer "victoriously" for these brave survivors.

Last night, the Relay for Life committee chose a "Prince" to honor.  This 12 1/2 year old boy has been in the fight for his life over the last year since his brain surgery.  After the surgery, he was unresponsive for over a week and withered away to 50 some pounds.  It was such a joy to see him there with a big smile and weighing in at over 60 lbs.  What a "Victory"!!

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  1. How touching! Love the ceremony and so glad yo hear the little boy was there and apparently doing well now.