Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C is for Change

Yesterday, I espoused the advice to "bloom where you are planted" so why do I feel like the deflated, dried up bloom like the one in the photo taken this morning on my back porch?  Because I thrive on CHANGE and I have been in the same place for too long.  Some people avoid CHANGE at all costs but I love the challenges of CHANGE.  Doing something new, learning something new, always tweaking and improving.  Maybe I have developed adult-onset ADHD?  While my husband is very routine-oriented, I am more spontaneous; he has to weigh every decision (to the point of indecision sometimes), while I make a quick assessment and move full-speed ahead.  The differences are striking but I suppose we balance each other out.

Anyway, I am itching for a CHANGE.  We have lived in the same house longer than I have lived anywhere in my entire life.  I moved around a lot growing up too - gosh, if I was to include those moves in the number I gave yesterday it would make your head spin.  However, given the state of the economy and housing market, we won't be moving anytime soon.

Now that my role as a full-time stay-at-home mom is nearing the end, I am eagerly looking for a CHANGE.  Having two adult siblings around has fast-tracked my youngest two into self-sufficiency quicker than I would have liked.  This maturity, along with their both being 6-foot tall nearly makes me forget half the time that they are only thirteen and fifteen.  Of course, they aren't fully independent, they just don't need me in the same way as when they were younger.

I know that CHANGE is on the horizon, I just don't know yet where it is going to take me...


  1. I think as the end of a period in your life approaches we all start feeling that itch. I think it is our subconscious telling us that we need to get up and change our situation . And it isn't at all comfortable but it is necessary.

    Good post :)


    1. Thank you for stopping by - I look forward to change and I'm hopeful that this blog can be part of that change :-)

      See you online!

  2. So glad you fixed your Google+ profile so I could find you. I'm like you, I like change too. I understand exactly where you're at with your children. My two youngest are 14 and 17, still in high school but so grown up already!

    1. Well, let's see what changes unfold... Loving this challenge so far and getting to meet people I normally wouldn't have the chance to!